Crafted to Perfection: A Rhyming LinkedIn Profile

Crafted to Perfection: A Rhyming LinkedIn Profile

This is an archive of the About section in my LinkedIn profile from around 2015 where the limit was still 2000 characters and I was a Lead software engineer.

I am a senior full-stack web software engineer and a creative UI problem solver
Who usually gets asked to create a UI or make it better
Coordinates a team and gets busy as a coder
Received thanks for quick turnaround while keeping the quality bar higher
And gives more than what the requirement asked to deliver

There are 4 stages in creating my work, based on priority
The first stage is CAPABLE, for things must be working and result correctly
Using a code structure that is agile and configurable easily
As changes in spec is not an excuse and will happen continuously

The second stage is USABLE, for things must be easy to use and discoverable
Always ask and listen to have user story understandable
To create a UI smart enough towards the DIKW Wisdom level
That is when info is concise, contextual and actionable

The third stage is RELIABLE, for things must be robust, secure and efficient
Keep a balance between computation and memoization
Do input validation, thorough testing and encryption
Not to forget handling network lag and the Back button

The fourth stage is MAGICAL, for things must be enjoyable and spotless
Use responsive and interaction design concept's first principles
Take care of details like taming IE, milliseconds and pixels
Utilize functional visual effects but not bells and whistles

My experiences have been mostly architecting frameworks and Admin UI
Making complex form and table generators was exciting to try
Live web chat with music, guessing games, served by a cute bot with AI
Crawling, parsing and pivoting one million entries oh my

I love Angular JS, PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery and Regex
Been there with GAS, CodeIgniter, Perl and Adobe Flex
Passionate about smart system, usability and UX
Enjoy working Agile using git, phab, Jira, Win, Linux and OS X

I have a vision to build solution generators
Interested in learning Python, NodeJS, IoT, mobile apps, NoSQL and dockers
I like to solve difficult algorithms and puzzles
such as optimizing this space of 2000 characters :)